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Genia is a patented hyaluronic acid based class II Medical Device (CE0476) indicated in both acute and chronic gingivitis, bleeding gums, periodontitis, gingival retraction, gum pockets, aphthae, mucositis. It promotes healing of injury or trauma following dental procedures including surgery, dental extractions, dental cleaning with ultrasound. Before and after the use of prosthetic and orthodontic applications.

ProctoProctoial is a patented hyaluronic acid based class II Medical Device (CE0476) indicated for anorectal repair processes as in the case of hemorrhoids, fissures, proctitis and anal itching. To promote and accelerate the healing of injuries or trauma following the surgical treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures

Naritriz Naritriz HA is a patented Medical Device indicated in the reparative processes of the nasal mucosa as following essential, rhino-sinusitic, recurrent or traumatic nosebleeds or after surgical or cauterization-induced nasal hemostasis. To promote and accelerate the healing processes of injuries or traumas even resulting from nasal-sinus surgery, preventing the formation of crusts and sinechiae. Nasal cracks.

Senza_titolo_prova Fendactin is a patented Medical Device for cutaneous application, indicated as adjuvant treatment of actinic keratosis due to excessive exposure to the sun. It is also indicated in the prevention and treatment of acute actinic dermatitis (radiation dermatitis) induced by ionizing radiation as in the case of radiotherapy. For the relief of skin injuries due to physical agents such as sunrays or cold: irritations, cracks and burns.

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